We have certificates as “Approved Chemist” through July 31, 2017 in these categories:

July 2017
  • Fish Meal
  • Oilseed Meal
  • Marine Oil
  • Gas Chromatography (fatty acid profiling of vegetable oils)
  • Marine Fatty Acid Profile (fatty acid profiling of marine oils)
  • AOCS/GOED Omega-3 Oils (fatty acid profiling of neutraceutical oils)

AOCS only awards Approved Chemist status to labs that have qualified in a “Laboratory Proficiency Testing” series of competitive, blind check samples. Qualification requires finishing in roughly the top 25% of contributing labs, and as such comes as close to the ideal of demonstrated proficiency as one can find.

The categories of testing and certification tend to be narrow, but many of the test methods apply equally well to a broad range of materials. For instance, the fish meal and oilseed meal categories include testing for all five proximate constituents: moisture, protein, fat, fiber, and ash.

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