Company Mission

The mission of New Jersey Feed Laboratory Inc is to perform chemical analyses and deliver results with unparalleled speed and accuracy. We strive to offer the best customer service in the industry.


NJFL was founded in 1950 by Hans Schulze. The company served primarily the poultry feed industry of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia (DelMarVa), and local farmers in the tri-state area. NJFL sought to improve process efficiencies for these producers by providing rapid and independent routine nutritional analysis of their products.

In 1978, Hans’ son Carl Schulze assumed presidency of the growing business. Along with then assistant lab manager Pete Cartwright, Carl introduced new chemical technologies and a wider range of testing services. This increased scope of business, coupled with the strict emphasis on speed and accuracy, gained NJFL a larger client base throughout the country.

By the turn of the millennium, NJFL became one of the most trusted and respected names in feed and pet food analysis. Carl Schulze announced his retirement on January 1, 2014, after nearly 40 years of service. NJFL is managed by the father and son team of Pete Cartwright (Laboratory Director), and Ian Cartwright (Chief of Operations).


An analytical laboratory founded in 1950, New Jersey Feed Laboratory Inc (NJFL) serves the animal feed and pet food industries. Specifically, most of our business derives from the poultry feed industry and the animal rendering industry – and of course the pet food/pet treat industry. We offer chemical analysis, mainly for routine quality control, on all facets of their product lines – from raw ingredients to finished products to byproducts. Generally, our customers are the QC/QA managers, in-house laboratory managers, the manufacturing/plant supervisors, and any decision makers in the R&D and manufacturing/production side of the industries. Moreover, due to the nutritional and specialized scientific focus of our service, we serve individuals of advanced education and expertise – namely nutritionists and research scientists, who are often consultants to many customers, or employed by universities.

Our company provides three major benefits to its customers:

First, independent laboratories specializing in feed/pet food analysis are rare. Rarer still are those labs that perform only primary instrumental methods and wet chemical testing. NJFL does not, and will never, have a NIRS device on the premises. Many producers do not have the means or facilities to test in-house, and therefore rely on an outside lab for routine quality control. Those that do have in-house testing facilities still have the need for third party verification and reference of their results. Those that employ NIRS testing still need calibration from the primary analytical results of a lab like NJFL. NJFL is one of only a few independent labs that exist to fulfill those needs.

Second, our lab has decades of experience and strong quality standards. NJFL opened in 1950, one of the oldest labs in the business. There is a great level of trust our customers derive from our long years of experience in chemical analysis. And we can easily demonstrate proficiency; NJFL excels in quality control programs that it submits to, typically finishing first or second in competitive series with other labs.

Third, and most important, we focus on providing excellent customer service and speedy results. NJFL, while managing a workflow that would ordinarily require a large and bureaucratic organization, maintains a customer service found primarily in smaller firms. Our company president personally handles every phone call and email. And we provide results with extreme speed; a two-day turnaround that typically takes other labs a week or more.